The Monster

by Leo Boix


The monster awoke in the exact spot where it was already decided. Deceitful ruins. Pillars of our Past.
The only cloud appeared beyond the horizon line. Naked bodies lining the streets, partly submerged.
Plethoras of insects, discarded objects, shining jellyfish or the stinging filaments in colors of the abyss. Seamount.
They were all waiting for the solar spectacle. Fireworks in the distance. Ancient monuments in shadows, an imaginary creature. No substance.
To celebrate the beginning of summer the townsfolk suddenly appeared in the streets and went to the sea, as in a trance. They all look up.
Clocks of icing sugar, spicy cinnamon cake on the desperate rocky sand, the wooden floors of our house.
Relentless sound of spores crossing the empty fields. Crows, starlings, the solitary Jackdaw and the Rudbekias on fire. Ignominy, more bodies appeared. The monster made itself appear spurious. Coleoptera, the impending storm. On wings of delicate membranes.
Forms of the unknown. Our table, some chairs, the windows opened.
Embracing, the boys naked in the purple room. And the fruit flies all outside.
Translucent: To allow light to pass through
The photons scattered
interfaces/changes in index/of refraction
Will you come for when the birds arrive?
The attenuation of light
all frequencies and wavelengths
the combined mechanisms of absorption
and scattering
aqueous solutions
The changes of the spectrum not absorbed
reflected back
transmitted for physical observation
This is what gives rise to color